Why Wednesdays

Featuring Next Level Auto Detailing

Project Speed has teamed up with Next Level Auto Detailing, to feature a new segment called, “Why Wednesdays.”  Each week, we will be bringing out a new video, discussing some of the happenings at the Next Level Shop, as well as some helpful tips and tricks you can use for your auto and detailing projects.

Be sure to check back each week for the new videos or check us out on YouTube

Discover the latest Episodes

All the tips, tricks and tools you'll need to professionally detail your automobile

Why Wednesdays – Show Quality Shine

In this episode of Why Wednesdays, Shawn discusses how having a Show Car, doesn't mean it shines like a Show Car. Learn how paint correction can get you a true Show Quality Shine. https://www.youtube.com/embed/ksw-e4FYnmk Subscribe for more videos:...

Why Wednesdays – Episode 4 Stop Wasting Money!

In this edition of Why Wednesdays, we tackle the subject of Dealer upsells for "paint coatings." We've all been there, in the finance manager's office, where they want to upsell you on a $1500 or $2000 3M, or other name brand, paint protection package. However, no...

Why Wednesdays – Episode 3 Forget About It

In the latest episode of Why Wednesday's, with Next Level Auto Detailing, Shawn discusses Ceramic Pro, Xpel Clear Film, and other coatings for your car.  Forget about waxing, polishing and spending endless hours trying to clean and keep your car or truck's paint in...

Why Wednesdays – Episode 2 Wheel Protection

In this week's Why Wednesdays segment, Next Level takes on the topic of protecting your rims and wheels from everything the road has to throw at them.  Most of the time, we are focused on protecting our car or trucks's paint and trim, but the rims are often...

Why Wednessdays – Episode 1

This week's edition of Why Wednesday, Shawn from Next Level Auto Detailing walks us through a brand new Corvette Z06, just delivered from the dealership.  Even new, the car is loaded with swirl marks, marring, and general scuffs, that will need a thorough paint...

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