Ceramic and other permanent paint coatings seem to be all the rage these days.  Dealers have been selling paint coatings for years, as an upsell during the car buying process, usually along the lines of Opti-Coat or other 3M and BASF products.   However, the level of protection & longevity that Ceramic Pro products provide far exceeds anything that’s readily available at an auto dealership or direct to consumers. Most of what you’ll find at dealerships are short-term topical sealants, glossifiers, and petroleum distillate-based coatings that aren’t intended to offer serious protection.

Project Speed recently had a chance to sit down with Shawn Medina, owner of Next Level Auto Detailing in Broadview Heights, Ohio for a discussion on Ceramic Pro, the latest in Ceramic coating technology.  Next Level Auto Detailing is a high-end detail shop, specializing in full car care and detailing services.  His website is:  http://www.nextlevelautodetailing.com.

When asked about how Ceramic Pro can help protect your vehicle, Shawn had this to say:

“Ceramic Pro 9H is a revolutionary and transparent glass coating. It’s the thickest, hardest paint protection coating available. There are also other exterior and interior Ceramic Pro products, such as Rain, Strong, Light, and Sport, each with their own unique use for your investment.”


Ceramic Pro is a clear, liquid nanoceramic coating, based on a revolutionary technology developed by NanoShine LTD. When cured, this technology will chemically bond, transforming itself on the surface to become a rigid, super-structure of nanoglass, protecting the substrate it is applied to indefinitely. Ceramic Pro was designed as an industrial, multifunctional, protective coating for all surfaces. The nanoceramic glass coating forms an exceptionally strong and durable shield, resistant to solvents, acids, alkalis, UV rays, harsh weather conditions and corrosion.

The protection provided by Ceramic Pro products really depends on the coating that’s applied, how many coats are applied, and how the vehicle is maintained. In short, it’s a form of preventative protection that’s ready for the unexpected . While 9H won’t keep your paint safe from a font end collision, it will keep those pesky bird droppings from etching through your clear coat, requiring a re-spray. Depending on what gets treated, Ceramic Pro can offer serious protection from swirls, light scratches, UV fading, corrosion, staining, and more.

A few years back, my wife and I both purchased new cars, and I had both cars coated in Ceramic Pro shortly after taking delivery.  While relatively expensive to have applied, at $1,500 (price at the time 3 years ago), both cars still have a strong coating of Ceramic Pro going strong, and have a lifetime warranty on the product.  I haven’t had to wax either of our cars once, since having the product applied.

So is the application of Ceramic Pro, or any other ceramic coating worth it?  It depends, on your situation.  Did you lease your car?  If so, I would say no, having Ceramic Pro applied, is mostly likely not worth the investment, unless you plan to buyout the lease at the end of the term. In our situation, we tend to buy and hold onto our cars for a long time, and therefore, we viewed Ceramic Pro as insurance to protect the asset we purchased.  If you are planning on keeping your vehicle for 3-5 years or more, then investing in the coating will be worth the money.  Also, if you are a car collector, or frequently track your car, I would highly recommend having Ceramic Pro applied to your vehicle.  After hours spent on the track, the dirt and debris collected will wipe way, with no damage to your paint.

How is Ceramic Pro applied to your vehicle?  Shawn had this to say:

“The application process is a delicate procedure that shouldn’t be taken lightly or done hastily, as it may result in more work to right an incorrect application. Paint coatings like 9H and Light are applied by hand, one panel at a time. Prior to application, surfaces must be fully cleansed, inspected, prepped and potentially even polished so that proper adhesion of the coating can occur. It’s a vital step to ensure a strong bond between the paintwork, stacked coating applications, and ultimately, improve coating longevity.”

The recently purchased GT350 will be getting a coating of Ceramic Pro in the coming weeks, as well as some protective Xpel Film to cover the front bumper, hood, quarters, and other surfaces.  Project Speed is a large proponent of ceramic coatings, whether its Ceramic Pro, CQuartz Finest, or other top tier products.  They provide long-lasting protection for your investment, and ensure the life of your vehicle’s paint and shine for years into the future.

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