Scott over at Mustang Lifestyle was involved in an accident recently, that put the FBO out of commission, at least for the time being.  In the video posted below, from Mustang Lifestyle’s Youtube channel, Scott discussed the accident, and the future of the FBO.  While he doesn’t come out and directly state what happened in the video, most people watching will assume, “It’s a Mustang, he crashed it!”  Scott proceeds to discuss in the comments that real reason for the crash.. He was forced off the road while driving, necessitating him taking this right two wheels off the road.  In an effort to save the car, it crashed.  Now, having said that, we don’t know the circumstances that lead up to the crash, was there speed involved?  Was it a race?

Thankfully, Scott was OK, and not injured in the crash.  We have enjoyed watching Scott’s videos on the FBO, and its build progress over the last year.  We hope the damage is able to be repaired, and is able to get back on the road soon.

Here’s the video from Mustang Lifestyle’s Youtube Channel:

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