After hours of research, and watching numerous videos, we finally got the pressure washer setup dialed in to where we are happy with the design and functionality.  A ton of pressure washers were reviewed, from Sun Joe and AR Blue Clean, all the way up to Kranzle.  In addition, we knew we didn’t’ want to stick with the standard wand that comes with the unit, so we had to do some additional research to purchase the correct accessories and fittings.  We took the advice of Matt Moreman over at Obsessed Garage, and used quick connectors on all of the connections.  However, one point to note.  Many of the US Electric pressure washer companies use a non-US standard 15MM interior dimension hose nipple.  The standard NPT M22 3/8 x 14mm adapter will NOT work. I needed to source a M22 x 3/8 x 15mm adaptor to be able to use the MTM M407 Spray Gun.  The female 15mm adapter connects directly from the pressure washer hose, to the quick coupler.

The Parts List

  1. AR BlueClean AR390SS Electric Pressure washer
  2. M22 / 15MM x 3/8 NPT Female Adapter – (Critical Piece!!! Necessary for non-standard 15mm hose connection)
  3. MTM HYDRO M407 Snub Gun with MTM Foam Cannon
  4. Mosmatic 20″ Bent Spray Wand – (Cheapest price I could find the wand was from Kleen-Rite, and they are in stock!!!)
  5. Mosmatic Tip Protector
  6. Forney 75135 Female Plug 1/4 – (connects to the bottom end of the Mosmatic 20″ bent wand, and allows quick connection from the MTM M407 Spray Gun)
  7. DUSICHIN DUS-020 Pressure Washer Spray Nozzle Tips
  8. Forney 75128 Quick Coupler – Male Socket (used to connect the pressure washer hose to the MTM M407)
  9. Forney 75136 Quick Coupler Plug 3/8
  10. Mosmatic Live Pressure Washer Swivel – (connects directly to the MTM 407 with 3/8 quick coupler plug attached)
  11. Dixon DGH7 Brass Quick-Connect Fitting for garden hose  – (This is a critical piece, as it allows a very, very easy on/off connection between the garden hose and the pressure washer.  Especially if you are using other accessories)
  12. Dixon DGH7P Brass Quick-Connect Fitting, Garden Hose Male Plug – (This plug end attaches to the pressure washer hose inlet, and allows the quick coupler to attach, coming from the Brass Shutoff valve)
  13. Dramm 12353 Heavy-Duty Brass Shut-Off Valve – (Highly recommended as a connection between the garden hose and the Dixon DGH7 quick connect. Allows you to turn off the water, and swap attachments, or disconnect from the pressure washer without having to run back to the spigot)
  14. Forney 75134 Quick Coupler Plug 1/4 – ( I bought lots of these.  Used to connected various attachments to the M407 Spray gun, as well as the end of the Mosmatic 20″ Wand)

After Thoughts

The total investment is between $400-$450, depending on the suppliers you decide to purchase your equipment from, and any sales you may hit.  I found a combination of Amazon and Kleen-Rite to provide the cheapest cost, and greatest/fastest value for the products.

The real keys to the setup are combination of the MTM M407 Spray Gun, and Mosmatic 20″ bent wand, as well as the Dixon Garden Hose quick connects and Dramm Shutoff Valve.  The brass shutoff valve and garden hose quick connects, allow for a much faster setup then manually attaching the pieces.  In addition, I purchased separate Dixon DGH7P Male Quick Connect plugs for my garden sprayer and other attachments I use with a standard garden hose.  The Dramm shutoff valve allows me to turn off the water immediately and swap attachments, without having to walk back to the spigot and turn off the water.

If many of you follow Obsessed Garage, you’ll know Matt sells the Kranzle Pressure Washer package for nearly $2,000, when you factor in shipping, and all the accessories you need, outside of just the pressure washer. While the Kranzle is a great pressure washer, and worth every penny, its out of the price range for many people to spend on a pressure washer.  I personally would love to own one, and can actually afford to buy one, I just chose to go a different path.

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