We decided to pickup some new pressure washing gear this weekend for the GT350.  After hours of extensive reviews of electic and gas pressure washers, we decided to purchase the AR Blue Clean AR390SS electric pressure washer, as well as the MTM 407 Foam Cannon and Snub Sprayer.  We also purchased the Mosmatic Live Swivel, on the advice of Matt over at Obsessed Garage.


AR Blue Clean AR390SS

2000psi Electric Pressure Washer

In comparing the gas vs electric pressure washers, I realized my primary use case will only be for the cars, and maybe some light patio work, so the electric will be much easier to use and manage.  I explored the Sun Joe line of products as well, however due to many reviews on Amazon and other online retailers, I decided to purchase the AR Blue Clean for its ease of use and multiple equipment options.  Some of the quick specs on the AR390Ss are:

  • 30 foot high pressure hose
  • 35 foot power cord featuring auto-reset GFCI module
  • 48oz integrated detergent tank
  • 4 different Quick Connect (QC) pressure washer nozzles. (1) Green or2 5 degree nozzle tip (2) The Red or 0 degree (3) The Rotary/Turbo nozzle (4) Low pressure spray Soap (Black) nozzle
  • Quick connect garden hose adaptor

I really like the 30 foot hose that comes with the unit, most electric pressure washers come with a 20 foot, maybe a 25 foot hose.

MTM Hydro M470 Snub Gun w/Foam Cannon

MTM HYDRO's original foam cannon with the MTM hydro M407 spray gun

In looking for a short spray gun for the new AR390SS pressure washer, I looked at wide variety of both brand name and off brand spray guns.  Some of the off brand spray guns got decent reviews, however I wanted to ensure the logevity of the device, and not have to worry about replacing it each season.  MTM has made quality products for years, so I decided to just bite the bullet, and spend a few extra dollars for the quality product.  I was able to catch a sale, which bundled the Hydro Foam Cannon along with the spray gun, for an added benefit.

Mosmatic Live Pressure Washer Swivel

4000 PSI, 3/8in. NPT-M, Stainless Steel, Model# DGV

Having been using pressure washers for all sorts of purposes, over the last 2 decades, dealing with the hose can become an enormous pain, especially when working around a car.  Kinks and bends in the hose can be a real nuisance.  I decided to go ahead and purchase the Mosmatic swivel, to ensure the spray gun can actively swivel around the car, and ensure the hose is not getting kinks or knots in it, as I move around the car.


The parts and accessories should be arriving next week, hopefully with any luck.  Once the parts arrive, I’ll post an additional review of the products, as i use them to clean the GT350 for the first time.