First, we had the Shelby Super Snake wide-body concept Mustang, teased a few weeks back, now Steve Saleen, of Saleen Automotive, has announced a 30 Year Championship Commemorative Edition Mustang, in both a street, and track trim.  These cars come on the heels of a recently renewed partnership with General Tire.  In 1987, Steve Saleen’s team won the 1987 driver, manufacturer, team, and tire SCCA ESCORT Endurance Championships. Saleen has partnered with General Tire, the supplier for so many of Saleen’s cars back in the day.

These special Mustangs will be sitting on Saleen’s signature white wheels with new General Tire ultra-high-performance G-MAX-RS. “We are extremely proud to introduce the first summer tire for General with such a legendary brand as Saleen,” stated Travis Roffler, director of marketing for General Tire. “The new ultra-high-performance G-MAX RS is a tire that we have been anticipating for a several years. Our dealers have asked for it and we know the market is ready for it. This new Saleen Mustang is a perfect match for the G-MAX RS.”  In addition, custom yellow, black and white Saleen graphics, and special badging will adorn each of the 30 cars that will be produced, in this limited edition run.

Cosmetic enhancements are not the only update to the base Mustang.  Both the Street and Track editions will utilize the 5.0L DOHC Coyote engine, however they will now be fed through a massive 3.2L liquid-cooled supercharger.  Horsepower is bumped up to 730 for the Street edition, and over 750 for the track model.  Both models will get new exhaust systems to help the massive engine and supercharger combo breath better.  The Track model will also receive a rear-seat delete, a four-point roll cage, four-point harness, and an upgraded radiator.

Both models will also include a Racecraft suspension. With all of the modifications, the road car looks very close to the track model. The street model will set you back $87,000, no word of pricing on the track model yet.  The car is poised to go into production in September.

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