About Project SPEED

Growing up together in greater Cleveland, Ohio, we have always had a passion, if not, an obsession, with all things automobiles.  Starting at a young age, we grew up with our father’s stories of the “golden age” of muscle cars.  From the 1968 GTX, to the 1969 Corvette Stingray, and the ’72 Plymouth Grand Coupe, cars have been our passion.  These stories fueled us, until we were able to obtain an automobile of our own.

At the age of 15, that dream came true.  Shawn’s father bought for him a 1986 Mustang GT.  That initial Mustang, would lay the foundation for a lifetime of passion and enthusiasm.  What was to follow would be an almost limitless number of purchases, modifications and projects we have taken on together, always remaining friends, with a common focus, and passion among us.  Mustangs GTs, Terminator Cobras, Corvette (many corvettes), 350z, GTOs, and so many more that been at the heart of our friendship and excitement.

Today, as we continue to build our families and progress in our careers, we decided to take our passion, and create an outlet for it.  Project Speed was born.  We created Project Speed to share our passion and excitement for all things automobiles, and provide a way for us to share our love of cars and the industry with other.  We encourage your to become an active member of our website, forums, facebook and twitter communities, as we continue to share recent news and our experiences.

What Does it Mean to Be an Enthusiast?

What does it mean to be an enthusiast?  It means you have passion and excitement for what you love.  At Project Speed, we have been auto enthusiasts for decades.  We want to share our passion with the community, which was the catalyst for the creation of our community.  The Forums, while small, will grow, with your help, into a community of other automobile lovers, like us, who want to share their knowledge, and help others learn.

No matter whether your passion is Ford or GM, detailing or tracking, drag racing or autocross, we you to share in our community, and help others with their projects and knowledge.  At Project Speed, we we take an unbiased approach to our car and product reviews, offering real insights into today’s latest tools and automotive tech.

Automobiles are Our Passion


Car, from exotic to classic, are what drives us.  As lifelong automobile enthusiasts, we have turned our passion, into a project, Project Speed


Detailing equipment, aftermarket engine components, and more.  We will be testing and discussing some of the the best gear on the market.

Pure Thrill

We are adrenaline addicts.  From go-karting to road racing, speed is in our blood.  We were bred on the stories of our fathers, and continue their traditions.
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